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Angelic AI Artwork from Blue WillowAnyone can learn the skill of lucid dreaming, but it’s particularly profound for anyone between the ages of 16 and 32. Even if you don’t recall many dreams at this time. The information and technique taught in this course boost dream content and can make non-lucid dreams more memorable while increasing the likelihood of getting lucid. When you become aware of the dream while you are in it, it opens up whole new possibility of empowering experiences you can have that feel as real and vivid as waking reality. Awareness is the key to unlock this incredible state of mind.

Lucid Dream Positive Center Dream PowerTo have a successful lucid dream practice you will need these three things in place:

  • Knowledge: Understanding of how sleep and dreams work.
  • Technique: A dream recall technique to remember and record important dreams.
  • Sharing: A person, group, or community to share experiences with and learn from.

Knowledge: Most people were never taught about what happens when they sleep. Understanding of the 90 minute sleep cycle, and when dreams are the most vivid is important to understand if you are interested in getting lucid. Since we don’t remember much from a night of sleep, it is easy to ignore, but we spend about one third of our lives sleeping so its a good idea to know what is going on during that time.

Bed for DreamingTechnique: We don’t store dreams in our long term memory while asleep. That is why they are so hard to remember. Dreams only make it into short term memory, and then fade away. A dream recall technique is required to capture the dreams in the short term memory upon awakening, and transferring them to long term memory. This is most commonly done by writing them down, but there are many techniques that work for people. As this technique is use more regularly; dream recall increases and they become more meaningful. As dreams becomes more complex and more attention is put onto distinguishing dream content, it increases the likelihood of getting lucid.

Share Dreams With OthersSharing: When you have a meaningful dream, it is important to share it with someone. Sharing dream experiences is one way we grow as a dreamer. To share a dream, we must make sense of it, or at least re-tell it in such a way that another person who didn’t experience the dream can get a sense of what happened. You validate the experience, and re-examine it from another person’s viewpoint. The other person will most likely share an experience with you that they had, helping you get a bigger picture of what dreams are like for others.

This course will provide you with all 3 of these things to help build a strong foundation for you to get lucid.

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