Behold Arcana


Are you interested in going on a spiritual journey?

Have you been seeking a specific spiritual path of progressively deeper lessons that help you get in tune with your higher self while facilitating personal growth?

As fate would have it, you have found one. This mystery school spiritual path is called: Behold Arcana. It is a guided journey through progressively higher archetypes that show universal human spiritual experiences. Students go at their own pace while integrating and expressing the lessons in a way that feels right to them.

Spiritual Insights on This Journey:

    • Archetypes of The Major Arcana of the Tarot
    • Wisdom from Universal Human Experiences
    • Mythology and Story Telling
    • Agnostic Pantheism
    • The 4 Agreements
    • The 7 Spiritual Law of Success
    • The 7 Chakras of The Body
    • Yoga in Alignment with Your Posture
    • Higher Self Awareness
    • Lucid Dreaming and
    • Ecstatic Dance

The end spirals back to the beginning, but at a higher level. Through this spiraling upward journey you will become more in alignment with your Dharma or unique life purpose. These teachings are guided with short videos that present specific insights around each archetype you move through.

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