Multiple Spiritual Paths

About The Behold Arcana Mystery School

Behold – Witness
Arcana – Mystery

Behold Arcana is a pantheistic mystery school that takes students on a spiritual journey to learn key insights from universal human experiences. Each level has a different archetype that the student must embrace and express before moving on to the next level. The lessons are progressively more complex requiring a higher level of awareness to reach the depth required to move forward. This provides a path for students to follow while on their own personal journey towards the highest version of themselves.
Spiritual Path

Your Spiritual Journey

As you move through each archetype it becomes your story on this spiritual path. You choose the activities and ways to express each insight on whatever level you are on. Once an insight is expressed, a mentor or ally must acknowledges it with no significant objections before you may move to the next archetype teachings on the path. This happens at your own pace. Each lesson could take you 1 day or 1 year.

Ideally you would spend between 1 month and 6 months embracing each archetype before expressing it in some creative way then moving on to the next.

Creative Self Expression

Are you an artist? Musician? or Dancer?
Is there some talent you have that you enjoy expressing?

Each journey is unique and will be expressed in very different ways. Here are some creative suggestions you could use to demonstrate a level of understanding of each archetype or lesson:

  • Drawing or Painting
  • Doodling or Designing a Logo or Symbol
  • Writing or Memorizing a Quote, Poem or Short Story
  • Making, Playing or Mixing Music
  • Recording a Video or Podcast

Tarot Card Spiritual Path

Spiritual Growth Through Higher Awareness

To move forward; you must demonstrate you understand the insight and how it helps you on your current level of awareness. Ideally this will demonstrate personal growth and prepare you for the next lesson, which will build upon the last. It’s up to you to choose what you do, but it should embrace the unique experience you have with regards to the specific spiritual insight, archetype or lesson learned.

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