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This is a Spiritual Path Through The Major Arcana of the Tarot. Each card represents a spiritual universal human experience and archetype. These archetypes are related to eachother, as each one naturally leads to the next. This journey involves beholding or embodying each of the archetypes one at a time in approximate order. Each one will provide a specific insight significant to your unique journey. This insight can be summerized in an affirmation statement that can be used to access that archetype in every day life.

Here are the first 8 Archetype Cards of the Major Arcana of the Tarot:

Major Arcana First 8 Archetypes
This is an art and spiritual journey of ascending levels of awareness. By learning from and embodying these archetypes a seeker has insights and experiences that lead to personal growth. These insights are solidified in the persons life through creative self expression.

Spiritual Insights on This Art and Spiritual Journey:

  • Embody each Archetype of The First 7 Major Arcana Keys of the Tarot
  • Wisdom from Universal Human Experiences
  • Mythology and Story Telling
  • Agnostic Pantheism
  • The 4 Agreements
  • The 7 Spiritual Law of Success
  • The 7 Chakras of The Body and how they align with the Archetypes
  • Yoga in Alignment with Your Posture
  • Higher Self Awareness
  • Lucid Dreaming and
  • Ecstatic Dance

Create Art, Music, Writing or Media Based On What You Learn

Your journey is unique and will be expressed in a way that is most valuable and feels right to you. Feel inspired and deepen your journey by manifesting art from your spiritual experiences.